Tenebrosi Mundi

Adventure #2

Haunting of the Smugglers

Our group of adventurers started out in an attempt to figure out who the players were in the game afoot. Smugglers? Thieves Guild?? And just who were those "guards’ who gave us our original task?!? Speaking with Russell, the tavern owner, gave little clues, but their conversation stirred interest in a local ne’er-do-well who was sitting next to two hermits who had come down from the hills for supplies. The village vagrant gave strong hints that he was associated with the Havocine Thieves Guild and that they have a great interest in having the smugglers found and “dealt with”. There was mention of fortunes to be made if a group could do this. The two hermits, Ian “The Hermit” and Luke Madden , having heard the mention of gold asked to join up with the adventurers. And so there were six.

Rumors of a haunted house on the coast led the party to believe that it would be a perfect front for a smuggling operation. There was also word that the local cemetery engineer had collected the five bodies that were found outside this morning. The last thing Russell needed at his tavern was the smell of rot outside his establishment. The adventurers trekked north towards the Haunted mansion; the same way that the caretaker for the dead would be travelling. It was quite worrisome then when the party spotted the cemetery wagon, empty of bodies, driver, and horse. Egad! As if there weren’t enough mystery already.

They saw the house on a cliff against the sea. Being still light of day, they entered quickly to solve at least one mystery. Footsteps in the dust were found leading to a trap door. Rummaging through the first floor brought little else in the way of answers. Perhaps out of frustration, party members smashed the secret trap door. When they quickly went down the stairs they encountered the deadly tips of a volley of crossbow bolts. Some party members fell wounded, only to be revived by the healers of the party. But in time the crossbowman were dealt with revealing them to be bandits. Smuggled goods spotted the room. Although they had captured two smugglers, they later managed to escape only to attack again. When the combat was done, the party was left with two problems. The bed count in the room didn’t match the number of people fought, and there was also that large barricaded door at the end of the room with a sign reading “DANGER” in the common tongue. Why was the door barred from this side? Certainly the remaining smugglers couldn’t be beyond the barred door. They decided to enter and after a brief fight with skeletons they came upon the corpse of the original owner of the manor; an alchemist who had died in his chair while studying a tome about The Philosopher’s Stone. Treasure and gold was found but at what cost. And what of the stone found in the dead man’s hand? Was it the fabled Philosopher’s Stone? To Link Shepard it certainly doesn’t seem that way. After he picked it up he found that it had the annoying habit of not being able to get rid of it. Seems like an unlucky event for our Paladin. Perhaps some rest to get the party thinking straight gain about all that has happened so far…



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